A new challenge and opportunity for cities

The public space is not only what is publicly owned. The private space, in the part that is susceptible to collective enjoyment, extends the concept of public space. Both come together in the new concept of urban landscape.

Juan Carlos Muñoz. Diario de Sevilla. 13 Junio, 2019
  • Why limit ourselves to recognize the role of public space as a facilitator of socio-economic function of the city, when that role really belongs to the urban landscape?
  • Why the right to the city seems spent in the public space?
  • Could it be that private property is not involved in improving the quality of the city, its image, and in promoting a sense of belonging and pride of the city?

PAISAJE URBANO.BARCELONA advocate that investing in urban landscape is to invest in sustainable urban development and to beat for a real social responsibility favorable for everyone.

PAISAJEURBANO.BARCELONA want to spread among city governments the need to act on improving the landscape, to ensure a smooth management, to promote habitability and safety of cities, as well as reporting obligations and rights of citizens.

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